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Rui Nakata & Anthony Heindriech


superlative: most likely to be our everything

creature comfort: rui: recipe developing and food styling // anthony: creating (cooking/woodworking)

best concert you've ever been to: rui: the lumineers // anthony: railroad earth at red rocks amphitheater (with a lightning show!)

favorite cereal: rui: honey nut cheerios // anthony: peanut butter captain crunch

austin go-to: rui: byron + blue, uchiko, wink // anthony: whichcraft taproom

Class of 2016

Conscious eating with Rui is a food blog where I talk about flavor combinations and share with you the recipes I've developed or have tried and really enjoyed. Food to me is a form of art. Some things go really well together and it's not obvious why. Finding the unexpected harmony between ingredients is what we focus on. Join me in my conscious eating journey.

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