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Class of 2016

Cool, rough-hewn limestone, broody nights, tactile elegance, and comfort all make Native the first experiential hostel bringing the house party and hospitality under one moonlit roof. Honoring our roots, our now, and our future, the charred rafters of the past play roughly alongside the silky elegance of dark plasters, glass, and cool steel.

Artists, craftspeople, and humans have designed this experience, capturing cues from our transient pasts and the idealism of our possible futures. Native is built to engage life’s intoxicating ephemerality with the warm companionship needed to experience it to the fullest.

Native is for the seekers. The curious ones, filled with youthful wanderlust. Explorers who know that possessions are fleeting, but experiences last a lifetime. Native is a kinetic collision of music, arts, warm beds, sleepless nights, food, and spirits. Our kindred are this generation of artists, creatives, thinkers and folks who simply embody good times; those who thrive on connection, unbridled fun and meaningful experiences.

We are Native. An Experiential Hostel, Curating a Culture of Fuck Yes.

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