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superlative: most likely to give you a transcendent experience through their unparalleled energy

creature comfort: timmie: ben and jerry's ice cream // chantell: yoga // dean: lasagna

best concert you've ever been to: timmie: hank williams III at stubb's indoors in 2004 // chantell: co co rosie // dean: death grips sxsw 2014

favorite cereal: timmie: I don't eat cereal // chantell: i don't eat cereal either // dean: craklin oat bran

austin go-to: timmie: the greenbelt // chantell: barton springs // dean: juice land

Class of 2017

Fort Never is the moniker of Texas based producer and songwriter, Timothy Ruch. Listen to his latest work with singer Chantell Moody and drummer Deano Cotè.

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