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The Interns // Megan & Caroline


superlative: most likely to be the greatest extension of us

creature comfort: megan: playing my favorite fleet foxes record and dancing with my pups around the house // caroline: a glass of iced coffee accompanied by long talks + lots of laughs with my people

best concert you've ever been to: megan: sylvan esso acl late night show 2015 and mutemath are tied for the best dance party, josh garrels was the best intimate show - I cried. all shows happened to be at emo's // caroline: hard to say. the avett brothers at red rocks amphitheater was utter joy and awe.. there was a lightening storm in the background ! bernhoft at kessler theatre is a close second.

favorite cereal: megan: honeycombs // caroline: i'm more of an ice cream + cold brew for breakfast kinda gal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but cracklin' oat bran if I must choose.

austin go-to: megan: toaster food truck for pulled pork tacos & mac n cheese // caroline: cenotè all day. juiceland is also a big time guilty pleasure

Class of 2016