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Beer brings people together. And we believe with better beer people have a better time. We want as many people as possible to share in the fun. So we started Austin Beerworks with two goals: to consistently brew exceptional craft beers and build community in the town we love.

Why Only Cans? 1) Quality. 2) Ecology. 3) Tubing. Beer always tastes better out of a keg, right? Think of our cans as tiny kegs. Inside these protective metal grenades our beer is less susceptible to degradation. Cans get cold faster and the beer stays gooder longer. Then there’s big momma earth. The impact of recyclable cans on the environment is remarkably less than bottles. Plus, you can’t take bottles tubing. And that leads to the host of little reasons cans are great: 1) Drinkability B) Toss-ability 3) Wizard Staff-ability.

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