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Buddha's Brew Kombucha was born from the farmer's markets of Austin, Texas around 10 years ago. What began as a simple curiosity, grew to selling at the Sunset Valley farmers market. Feeling the demand and wanting to satisfy more craving thirsts, Kimberly teamed up with John-Paxton to start a business. A passion for meditation and spiritual practice, along with Kombucha's tendency to produce calm whole-body energy, led to the name - Buddha's Brew. A warehouse on the scenic greenbelt was selected in South Austin and after a year of working with the city, learning to be contractor, a commercial brewery was born.

Today, we still brew out of our original location. We've since purchased the property and are currently working on an expansion. For us, it's fun to find ways to be most efficient with our humble space. We've since added a few gardens on the property and have plans for a future tap-room. Presently Buddha's Brew employs around 30+ Kombucha fanatics with a desire to bring our delicious and alive Kombucha to Austin, Tx and beyond.

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