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Revolutionary, traditional distillation. GEM&BOLT is fueled by the knowledge that positive life elevates consciousness.

Founded by the artist-alchemist duo, AdrinAdrina and Elliott Coon, G&B curates the perfectly wild collision that is herbs and alcohol: mezcal.
This invigorating, unique mezcal is distilled with damiana, a traditional Mexican herb with mythological properties. They chose to infuse their mezcal with damiana, not just because of the added complexity that comes from the herb, but with the infusing, they’re staying true to Mexican tradition. They also chose it because “medicinal art,” Coon said, has been part of their brand since they opened a speakeasy together in Oakland, California.

G&B pursue & provoke a lifestyle charged with celebration by harnessing the expansiveness of art + plants. Awaken your mind, soul, and body and take a swig.

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