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Nine Banded Whiskey is a creative blend of fine barrel aged whiskeys made in the classic American tradition. Here in Austin, we blend oak barrel-aged whiskeys with limestone filtered spring water found in the Texas Hill Country, to create an approachable whiskey that at 90-proof, has a subtle bite and a laid-back finish. This smooth finish can be attributed to limestone, which raises the PH balance of the water and amplifies both the flavor and aroma profile. We also like to think it enriches our whiskey with some Texas soul.

Our whiskey gets its name from the nocturnal nine-banded armadillo, a Texas native that has become a de-facto icon for Texas. Adopted by the Armadillo World Headquarters (the iconic music venue that became the hub of Austin’s diverse creative scene in the 1970s), the ubiquitous armadillo has also become the unofficial mascot of Austin’s music community. Nine Banded celebrates the spirit of Austin, a city that has endured as an eclectic, cultural melting pot for generations, forging way for unique enterprises and big ideas.

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