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superlative: most likely to the worlds most reliable, talented and up for anything duo <3

creature comfort: a good whiskey washington apple, brie cheese & a great vinyl record on

best concert you've ever been to: james taylor

favorite cereal: cocoa pebbles

austin go-to: bouldin creek for breakfast & vintage shopping at flashback

Class of 2016

Sometimes it is just a song that brings artists together, as it was for the Hard Truth in the winter of 2015. At a singer-songwriter showcase in downtown Austin, Lauren was slotted to perform approximately one hour after the songwriting duo of Matthew and John. When the boys finished their set, they hung around and were quickly introduced to the vocal talents of Ms. Lauren Hunt. Matthew and John had previously shelved their classic-country duet, “The First Waltz” for over 2 years, and were optimistically searching for that “perfect fit” for such a powerful song. When they heard Lauren’s voice and incredible delivery, they knew that they had found the female lead for the part. The musical chemistry was easily apparent during their first rehearsal, and shortly thereafter, the Hard Truth was founded.

As the band developed their signature sound, they continued to write original music, and “The First Waltz” led to the first album, titled, “Gentle Lies.” Under the artistic direction of producer, Gordy Quist, the Hard Truth recorded their debut release with musical support from the Band of Heathens over 8 days in May and August of 2015, at Tree Fort Studios in Austin, Texas. The debut album from the Hard Truth was released in June 2016, with a second album in the works for 2017.

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