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superlative: most likely to be the most soulful, empowering woman

creature comfort: my guatemalan palm hat. i travel with it, live in it. my "look" (if i have one) is defined by palm hats. from growing up in the desert to traveling shore lines. i have come to value the importance of a trusty wide brimmed hat and to have respect for the power of the sun.

best concert you've ever been to: tough one! most certainly isn't one. willie was my first. stevie nicks with , mom. most recently everything marfa myths brought together - lonnie hoyle brought me to tears and weyes blood was stunning. seeing the likes of cass mccmombs, feist, fiona apple, johanna newsom, beach house, lee fields, tinarwin, sonic youth, roky erickson, robert plant (the list goes on) all play in my small home town.

favorite cereal: kale and eggs

austin go-to: monday evenings in the bar at jeffrey's- alone & with a book. hamachi salad. leaving the city limits and going to pedernales falls. the springs are magical and i am in awe at it at all times. the green belt is a rare gift.

Class of 2016

Molly Walker. Age 32. August 13, 1984. Home is Far West Texas

I fell in love with Mexico while backpacking when I was 19. It is an ongoing love affair and one I hope to nurture for a lifetime. My relationship with Mexico is ever changing but always strong. Working with GEM&BOLT Mezcal allows me work closely with one of Mexico's artisanal and rich gifts to the world.

I studied and received a degree in Latin American Border Studies in El Paso. The U.S. - Mexico borderlands is where our many cultures, politics, economics and histories meet and create a truly unique fusion and way of life. My passion and vision lie in building platforms to document, communicate and celebrate borderland culture as a tool to addressing the many pressing issues surrounding our borders.

My relationship with plants has long been one of the more intuitive parts of myself. I grew up gardening and learning about desert plants. As a traveler my experiences are defined by plant life, collecting seeds, & photographing flora. I forage and map my way through cities based off of what is in bloom and fruiting. My fascination with plant based medicine is greatly what aligns me with GEM&BOLT and the parent company ARTS + PLANTS HEAL. I strongly believe that recognizing and embracing our instrinsic human relationship with plants is how we better respect our ecosystems, bodies, and future. The distillation of Mezcal & Damiana not only makes GEM&BOLT delicious it makes it powerful.

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