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superlative: most likely to have the best damn laugh you've ever heard

creature comfort: music…when i’m at a concert all is right in the world. i get centered and grounded from the energy of the people around me. the energy the band puts out and the entrancing nature of the sounds of the instruments. so whether it’s the symphony, a musical or a intimate voice or acoustic session. being able to allow my mind to drift with the beat and sway with the sounds and energy of the crowds i’ve found my happy place.

best concert you've ever been to: gosh… this is a tough one. the one that sticks out in my mind is lcd soundsystem acl 2016. the set list, the feel in the air, the beat drops and people i saw the show with were epic.

favorite cereal: cinnamon toast crunch… i mean can you really get any better? just the right crunch, just the right sweetness and they work with out milk too!

austin go-to: food: lavaca st. bar ~ my favorite fish tacos and nachos in town - bar: handlebar ~ it’s my cheers. location is ideal, there’s so much to engage with and of course you can’t forget about their members only sister bar - red headed step child - view: from the rooftop at the hilton! - coffee shop: brew & brew

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