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Texas Keeper Cider was started in 2013 by three long-time friends all born and raised in Austin, Texas. Meet Nick, Brandon and Lindsey.
Nick’s interest in orchards and cider started as a young kid being taken out to little hole-in-the-wall cideries by his father in Somerset, England. Nick worked in orchards and vineyards in New Zealand before studying winemaking at Lincoln University near Christchurch. He’s worked in small wineries in New Zealand, Northern California, and Oregon, but the goal has always been to get back to Austin. Nick is a winemaker turned cidermaker, and stoked about the complexity and approachability of craft cider.
Brandon’s been an avid homebrewer for over a decade, but his brewing practices have evolved to eschew recipes in favor of following his taste buds. He has a passion for cooking and brewing and the pairing of the two, and has a knack for whipping up cleverly tasty meals from whatever’s in his fridge. You’ll always see him with a big grin on his face.
Lindsey considers Fermentation, in all its forms, to be just about the greatest human discovery of all time. So if you’re not careful she might make you take a jar of sauerkraut home with you when you see her (but you have to bring back the jar!).

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