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superlative: best hands

creature comfort: House Plants, my little plant family in my home/ bedroom has very quickly become a jungle. I like to believe that its validated by the fact that they freshen my air, but really I just love all the green!

best concert you've ever been to: That's easily a hard question. I have to say I have had several great musical experiences here in Austin, from getting hugs from Yeasayer on my 29th Birthday to see Jose Gonzales with Junip a month after I first moved here.

favorite cereal: honey nut cheerios

austin go-to: My favorite spot in austin to kill some time and enjoy an afternoon would for sure be Kinda Tropical. It's across the street from my current studio. It's easy to slip over there and watch time fade away. The vibe is so perfectly Austin.

Class of 2016

verb set·tle \ˈse-təl\ : to move to a place and make it your home ; to come to rest.

Settle is about making the everyday beautiful for your kitchen and home. The work is made with intent to become family heirlooms that are cherished. Each piece is hand thrown and glazed with care.

Hi, my name is Samantha, and I’m the artist behind Settle Ceramics. Settle has been my labor of love for the past 3 years and now it has more to do with the way I live than just about working with clay everyday. I believe in making objects that mean something, items that are meant to be cherished for years, generations. We live in a disposable world and the idea of objects being precious has lost a bit of its luster to most people. I want to change that. So I make what I make with the intent that they will last, become your favorite mug or bowl. I hope when you purchase one of my creations you will cherish it as I did.

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