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superlative: most likely to believe in us since day one and be the biggest source of inspiration

creature comfort: temperpedic pillows

best concert you've ever been to: dmb year 1. opening song on, knew you were watching something special

favorite cereal: golden grams

austin go-to: alamo drafthouse

Class of 2016

Nine Banded Whiskey is a creative blend of fine barrel aged whiskeys made in the classic American tradition. Here in Austin, we blend oak barrel-aged whiskeys with limestone filtered spring water found in the Texas Hill Country, to create an approachable whiskey that at 90-proof, has a subtle bite and a laid-back finish. This smooth finish can be attributed to limestone, which raises the PH balance of the water and amplifies both the flavor and aroma profile. We also like to think it enriches our whiskey with some Texas soul.

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