stories under the stars, pt. II

THURSDAY OCT 27 | 7:00PM- 8:00PM
Location // Sekr!t Theater Size // 100

Drinks // Austin Beerworks

We often find that fear is our greatest enemy. It's what holds us back, makes us question, and prevents us from chasing after what we've always dreamed of. It's not until we take the leap that we are able to pursue a life full of purpose. General Assembly and Foster ATX have teamed up to bring you a night of thought-provoking conversation and local music at East Austin's infamous Sekrit Theater. In spirit of Halloween, this month's stories are centered around the theme "Overcoming Fear." We invite to you to come with a story to share or maybe just an open heart and ears to listen. We've also joined arms in an effort to save The Sekrit Theater. A community-driven space that has been home to many neighborhood events and cherished creative moments, the Sekrit Theater is a part of us in Austin. Donations to support the theater are encouraged, but not required.

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