a mindful wine tasting

THURSDAY NOV 10 | 7:00PM- 9:00PM
Location // Size // 10

Drinks //

Guests will experience a mindfully instructed interactive tasting where they will be invited to explore the color, texture, aroma and flavor of five red wines, each with their own curated pairing of fruit, cheese, and charcuterie. After which, guests will enjoy a variety of simple seasonal hors d'oeuvres and of course, more wine. The evening is meant to invoke a sense of curiosity and intention, through the act of slowing down, and guests will leave with a new appreciation for the experience of dining as well as a take-home notebook to encourage a more mindful approach to mealtime. This is an unplugged event, thus as soon as the tasting begins, we ask you to table your phones so that your senses can fully be engaged in the table and the people around you. As guests pour another glass of their favorite wine and get to know one another, they will be treated to a series of simple flavor-packed snacks. Snacks will feature seasonal produce such as beets, apples, winter squash, and sweet corn and may include assorted crostini, bacon-wrapped dates and other savory treats. And of course we'll wrap up the night with something sweet!

About Danielle Locklear

Danielle is a food stylist and blogger over at Forage + Fodder, where mealtime is guided by the belief in intentional living and genuine community. Additionally, she is also a therapist, whose collaborative style fosters mindfulness, self-compassion, and the space to simply be yourself. Whenever possible, Danielle likes to weave these two passions together to create a new and restorative experience that encourages people to slow down, reflect, and enjoy sharing a meal in an entirely new way.