a holiday affair

SATURDAY DEC 09 | 8:00PM- 11:00PM
Location // it's a secret Limited Availability

Drinks // Gem&Bolt Mezcal, Nine Banded Whiskey, McPherson Cellars

a holiday affair you won't soon forget.

live music // bites // craft cocktails // dancing

a portion of the proceeds will benefit casa marianella — an emergency homeless shelter in Austin serving recently-arrived immigrants.

About Henry + The Invisibles // Scott Strickland Band

Henry + The Invisibles
(Henry Roland) is a live-looping, multi-instrumentalist aka “The One Man Funk Band" that loops and layers vocal harmonies, funk guitar, grooving bass, soulful keyboards and powerful percussion to create original high energy dance music that sounds like a solid 5 piece funk ensemble.

Scott Strickland Band
With a sound some have described as “Paul Simon dancing in MC Hammer pants” and “the 3 AM jam session of Dave Matthews and Bill Withers”, the Scott Strickland Band forges ahead on a new path; a sound unheard in today’s musical lexicon. It is a sound mature and textured, yet playfully improvised enough to have the listener intently wonder where the work is going next. Where the band is going next, well, you'll just have to keep listening and dancing your ass off.