an evening with corey kilgannon and the canvas people

THURSDAY SEP 07 | 7:30PM- 10:00PM
Location // Seventh Flag Coffee Co. Limited Availability

Drinks // Nine Banded Whiskey, Austin Beerworks

All proceeds from the show will be donated to Team Rubicon USA — an incredible organization that rapidly deploys emergency response teams through veteran reintegration. The night of the show, we also ask that all guests bring one item to donate to the relief efforts. Details of items we will be accepting to come.


Back by popular demand.

Join us at Seventh Flag Coffee Co. for an after-hours show that will leave you a little broken hearted, but in the way that music should. Kicking off the night will be the lovely Molly Bush, as we dive into a night of music at one of our favorite coffee spots in town. From there, The Canvas People will be stripping it back with their 3-piece acoustic set — which is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. If you got the chance to see them perform at our SX show, you know that it's beautiful and raw and everything you want live music to be. This group of guys will blow you away. Just wait.

Following that, we will welcome back our good friend Corey Kilgannon as he passes through town. We were lucky to snag this guy the first time, and even luckier to have him back for round 2. Unbeknownst to him, Corey was a huge inspiration for our desire to launch Foster ATX a little over a year ago, after stumbling upon his music at an Eddie's Attic showcase back in Atlanta. We wanted to create a place where we could showcase this type of talent, to bring this magic back to live music — in an intentional environment with a curious audience. When you hear Corey live for yourself, you'll understand exactly what we mean.

There are certain things in life that are worth repeating. These two acts are just that. Come see for yourself.

About Corey Kilgannon // Canvas People

Corey Kilgannon
Born in the outskirts of New York City and raised along the coast of Florida, Corey Kilgannon is an emerging indie-folk artist now living and working in Nashville TN. His gift for evocative melody and emotionally intuitive songwriting has led him to share stages with artists like John Foreman, JOSEPH, Penny and Sparrow, David Ramirez, and the late Dr. Ralph Stanley. Set against a backdrop of acoustic and atmospheric textures, each track reflects his indie and traditional singer-songwriter influences like John Prine, Bob Dylan, and John Denver. Corey Kilgannon has had a hell of year, in both the good and bad sense of that phrase. While he’s gotten to open for and tour with some of his musical heroes he also spent the fall trapped in his house with a broken back, and grieving the loss of a close friend. He’s built up a considerable fanbase in cities across the country becoming known for radically stripped down sets under bridges to room-quieting performances in packed out venues. Throughout these triumphs and tragedies Kilgannon wrote the material for his highly-anticipated EP, I’ll Be Here When the Moon is Tired. While much of his past songwriting has dealt at least marginally with doubt, this time around he’s making no effort to conceal his impatience, or even anger at easy answers. It’s his darkest record yet, as well as one of his most atmospheric-sounding, with chamber-orchestra flourishes combining with swells of ghostly vocals. Though he remains true to his singer-songwriter roots, Kilgannon sounds more fearless, and more tired than he has in the past, as he sings “I only wanted to dream, and someday to die in peace.”

Canvas People
Infusing elements of lucid, indie space rock and harmony-driven alt-rock, Canvas People produces a distinctly unique brand of new age music. Reminiscent of contemporary acts such as Kings Of Leon, Death Cab For Cutie, and My Morning Jacket, Canvas People creates an enchanting blend of booming 3 part harmonies and shaded, seductive indie rock grooves. Based out of Austin, TX, the 4-piece rock group is a spot-on representation of the quality original music coming out of the “live music capitol of the world”.